Minimalism in the Kitchen

We often hear ‘I want to maximise storage space and get in as many units as possible’ but could that mentality be changing? With minimalism growing in popularity and de-cluttering experts like Marie Kondo helping people world-wide get rid of possessions that no longer ‘spark joy’ or have a purpose in your life, we’ve started noticing some customers making the move towards a more minimal kitchen layout.

A new kitchen can be an excuse to empty out the back of your cupboards and think do I really need a third lasagne dish? Or will two (or maybe just one) do? Focusing on smart storage options can help you make the most of your units and could even free up some wall or floor space to do something a little different…


This kitchen layout has plenty of smart storage without having to use the wall space too. The addition of open shelves gives a nice display area and doesn’t close in the room like bulky wall units could. The room is left feeling bright, spacious and minimal yet practical.


Pull Out Drawers

The key to a making a minimalist kitchen layout work is to be clever with the storage you do have. Pull out larders, drawers and Le Mans corner units provide practical storage leaving everything easy to reach and visible.


We offer a bespoke design service and will work alongside you to get the layout you dream of, be it minimalist or floor to ceiling storage. Get in touch today to arrange your design consultation.



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