Ms. H

A masterful kitchen of unique style and taste, Ms. H initially visited GR Kitchens on the recommendation of family and friends, and ended up with a stunning bespoke kitchen.

After visiting the showroom to see what was on offer, Ms. H and Sarah proceeded to design the kitchen, and after several collaborative discussions and adjustments, GR Kitchens were able to design a plan exactly to the customer’s specifications.

“I had multiple visits to help me think through functionality, design, colour and style. Whenever I had a change of heart or wanted to consider an alternative design, the GR team did not bat an eye. I greatly appreciated that the bespoke experience”.

Sarah acknowledged that the process of designing this particular kitchen had its challenges; mostly due to the size of the room and the positioning of the doors and windows. “We also had lots of discussions about worktops and colours, as we really wanted the customer to be happy with her new kitchen” smiled Sarah.

 Certainly it was time well spent, as Ms. H loves her new kitchen. “I love every single detail!” she said. “It has been hugely rewarding to design my own kitchen”.

Sarah and Ryan visited once the kitchen was in place and were delighted to see that their hard work had come together to create such a stunning kitchen.

“From the practical and usable layout, to the way the customer dressed the room, it really was a great finished project that we were excited to be a part of”.

Ms. H adds “I’ve been really impressed with the professionalism, technical acumen, and friendly service of the GR Kitchen team. I highly recommend the GR Team and have been telling my friends and family all about the positive experience”.


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